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Creating a visionary narrative for national R&D, tech and innovation startup accelerator

Realising MRANTI’s narrative positioning it as the nation’s leading tech and innovation accelerator at the helm of the new ROI.


As a leading technology commercialisation accelerator, MRANTI provides a vibrant technology park packaged with the developmental support for bringing ideas to impact from incubation to commercialisation. 

We were entrusted with the task of rebranding and positioning MRANTI as the go-to destination for startups and entrepreneurs seeking to advance their technologies and bring innovative products to market. 

Issue Statement:

We needed to create a compelling narrative and visual identity for MRANTI that resonated with startups, investors, and industry experts, and positioned the accelerator as the premier choice for companies seeking R&D and innovation support.


The core of our designers’ conceptualisation of MRANTI’s visual and communications narrative was Ideas to Impact, which imbued every thought process in this branding exercise. Our designers incorporated the essence of three guiding concepts to create something compelling and captivating for the most promising startups and entrepreneurs: accelerating impact, winning together,  and being the change. 


With the narrative that binds together with the visual identity system, we set the client apart from other players in the market and positioned it as a connector, incubator, and catalyst for startups and entrepreneurs seeking R&D and innovation support.

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