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Design a brand destination that appeals to global investors

C is Cyberjaya: The Capital For The Crazies, Constructive & Creatives


Cyberjaya has evolved into a vibrant smart city over the span of 20 years. The city is designed to be a hub for technology and innovation, with a focus on creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and tech startups. It is home to more than 80 MNCs, which is instrumental in driving the country's technology development.  As a product of Cyberjaya, Motio won the bid to help reposition the city to attract new investments towards strengthening it's position as Asia's global tech hub.

Issue Statement:

While we were assigned to create a compelling narrative and visual communications for the brand, we had to be mindful of the city's successful legacies and policies that have long existed since its formation.


The whole rebranding exercise was centred around the 'true settlers' in Cyberjaya. Throughout the discovery process with the settlers, we learnt that Cyberjaya is unique to them because this city was the launchpad of their respective successful journeys. We believed their energy was an essence that needed to be translated into visuals. Our idea was to position the city as the 'Capital of Creation,' where Cyberjaya is open for anybody to create their own success.

In all communication campaigns, we designed a big idea called 'Paint the Cs in Cyberjaya' which resembles the diverse characteristics of Cyberians; Crazies, Creatives, Collaboration, Collective and many more 'C’s'. We then applied the essence to other media applications such as electronic media, investors kits, and social media content.


The Capital of Creation became an official callname by our client in the extended communication works. The recent brand perception index rated 3.6 for brand awareness, the highest-performing component of the audit.

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