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Design a national ecosystem that inspires, educates, connects, accelerates and funds entrepreneurs.

Conceptualizing a MaGICal narrative that gives hope to fellow entrepreneurs to strive for global dominators


Entrepreneurship was made part of the government’s National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiative, which was the right time for the leadership to redesign the country’s new approach in preparing local entrepreneurs to strive for the global market.We won the bid to design the experiences of a ‘one-stop-hub for entrepreneurs’ in conjunction with Mr Barack Obama’s Issue Statement:

Reimagine & design a ‘one-stop-hub for entrepreneurs’ is an understatement considering there were already existing entities that help entrepreneurs scale and level up.


An empathy map led our designers to understand that as a government entity that is keen to explore ‘blue ocean’ approaches with entrepreneurs, an ecosystem needs to be established to attract many entrepreneurship related cohorts to come and collaborate. An attractive organization must be able to capture an ecosystem with entrepreneurs, and we conceptualized an ecosystem that is built on 5 key drivers; Inspire, Educate, Accelerate, Connect & Fund. These are factors that can grow a global entrepreneur, and is what is always looked for at every stage of their growth. Prior to the officiation by Mr President Obama, our designers had captured the essentials from visuals to communications to realise the idea that the Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) is here to help them grow with the five (5) key drivers.


The brand agency maintained its relevance for nearly 10 years before the new administration took over. As a government owned agency, the culture and how they work their ecosystem redefined how other government agencies should, too.

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