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Designing a multimedia simulation to visualise truth and to serve justice

Pushing multimedia simulations into case management towards increasing chances to win in court


We have always been curious about the judicial system and how justice is served. We were fortunate enough to be called in to use our creativity to assist towards increasing the chance to win a court case, for prosecution and defense, with better visualisation.

Issue Statement:

There is a clear distinctive gap in case management where there is heavy reliance on paper-based reports, physical evidence and exhibits to win in court.


We were fortunate to be offered this experience in assisting several high-profile cases to simulate them into 3D multimedia. Over a span of three years, Motio assisted in cases for the Attorney General, for defence lawyers, and for the Forensics department.


We contributed to all the cases we assisted with being won in court. As these cases involved high-profile individuals, we are unable to disclose further information. However, presenting evidence with visualization can indeed increase any side's chances to win the case.

Project Gallery

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