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Transforming a ballroom into "A night of London's Extraordinary Infrastructure" during the Mayor's visit to KL

Khazanah Global Lectures 2014 Featuring Mr Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


Boris Johnson delivered a lecture to more than 1,000 people, including the Malaysian Prime Minister, organised by the Khazanah Research Institute. Our strategies won the bid where we conceptualized, designed, built and organized the Khazanah Global Lectures featuring Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London at the time, who shared his experiences in transforming London.

Issue Statement:

The lecture was held in the most prestigious ballroom in Kuala Lumpur and the expectation was beyond the ordinary as this event was to be attended by VVIPs as well as corporate leaders.


While being mindful of the prestigious setting, we also proposed to our client to design an experience inspired by Mr Boris Johnson's creative creations in London as he is known for his creative solutions in transforming London into the city we know today. Our design and creations converged all these elements; from the front door to the dining pieces to the grand stage, all designs were inspired by his legacies. We also sourced the authentic Malaccan 'beca' (rickshaw) as a gift for Mr Johnson to display at his office in London.


With 1,000 people surrounded by mostly handcrafted designs, the event delivered a one-of-a-kind experience; from corporate to eccentric, from posh to truly Malaysian hospitality, this event was a memorable event that held its own above and beyond the previous lectures that were held under the label.

As for the audience, they liked it too - particularly when Boris Johnson produced a packet of English cupcakes made in Kuala Lumpur on stage. Needless to say, he had them eating out of his hand.

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